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Alterations and Repair Services Pricing

UPCHARGES will apply for specialty fabrics & designs, lining and layers, as well as any non-standard or custom alteration/repair items.
For items not listed or custom alterations and repairs, please contact us for pricing and or to schedule a FREE fitting.
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  • Pant hem: $12.50
  • Dress pant/jean hem: $15
  • Dress/skirt hem: $25
  • Sleeve, top, and blouse hem: $18
  • Sleeve, jacket/blazer hem: $22
  • Replace zipper pants, skirts and shorts: $16
  • Replace zipper dress: $25
  • Evening gown hem: $40+

* Pricing based on typical alteration and repair services only.


Wedding gowns, evening gowns, tuxedos, and all take-ins (jackets, pants, dresses, shirts, blouses) require a fitting. Contact us for pricing or to schedule a fitting appointment. Please also contact us for pricing specialty fabrics and designs, clothing with lining and layers, as well as any non-standard or custom alteration/repair items.